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[DVDRip] Way Back Home (2011)

Way Back Home is a 2011 Filipino family drama film starring Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes. The film is produced and distributed by Star Cinema.

The film follows the story of two sisters, Ana Bartolome (Kathryn Bernardo) and Jessica Santiago (Julia Montes), who have been separated for twelve years and grew up in two totally different worlds.

Cast and characters
Kathryn Bernardo as Ana Bartolome/Joanna Liesl S. Santiago
Julia Montes as Jessica Lorraine S. Santiago
Enrique Gil as Michael Estacio
Sam Concepcion as AJ Delgado
Agot Isidro as Amelia/ Amy Santiago
Tonton Gutierrez as Ariel Santiago
Lotlot De Leon as Lerma Bartolome
Clarence Delgado as Buboy Bartolome
Bella Flores as Lola Nita
Ahron Villena
Jairus Aquino
Josh Ivan Morales
Gilleth Sandico

There was so much anticipation about this movie because of the instant rise of stardom blessed onto Kathryn and Julia through their phenomenal (yet now defunct) teleserye “Mara Clara“. While there is no doubt that Mara Clara fans will be at full support on this project, mishaps and bad publicity lead to the project almost getting shelved.

AJ Perez role was now given to Sam Concepcion (and in respect to AJ), Sam’s character in the movie is named “AJ”. Albie Casino on the other hand, after getting into a still unconcluded controversy, has been immediately replaced by Enrique Gil. The sudden replacement of Albie caused a stir on the internet to whether it was a right or an unfair decision. Kathbie fans surely frowned in disappointment with this news. Meanwhile, according to Star Cinema, the change in the lineup is prompted by their desire to experiment with different combinations for Kathryn and Julia.

Well, that is understandable if you ask me. Enrique Gil, although hasn’t established an onscreen chemistry with any of the stars that’s been paired up to him might shine with Kathryn Bernardo as his leading lady. Sam and Julia love team seems to be fine on the other hand.

Now officially entitled “Way Back Home“, we first reported about this project 3 months ago when it was said to be entitled “Home”. Around June, during the Star Creatives launch, this film was tentatively entitled “Sa Iyong Pagbabalik”. Then came later that it was retitled into You’re My Home movie. And I sort of hoped that “You’re My Home” is the official movie title of the Kathryn Bernardo-Julia Montes movie.(Update) – But then again, they changed it! The title’s been changed again to Way Back Home movie! This time it’s final.

Kathryn Bernardo will play the role of Ana Bartolome, Julia Montes as Jessica, Sam Concepcion as AJ and Enrique Gil as Mhyko.Ms. Agot Isidro will also star in the movie together with Kristel Fulgar, Trina Legaspi and Aahron Villena.

WAY BACK HOME Movie is directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng. The Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes starrer, “Way Back Home” is tentatively scheduled to hit theaters.

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Way Back Home (2011) - part01
Way Back Home (2011) - part02
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Way Back Home (2011) - part08
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